The scents of the islands

May 24, 2017 by Lori Hirons - No Comments

There are MANY wonderful things about living on an island but I confess one of my favorites is the lush smell of island flowers.  My mother’s favorite flower was the gardenia and how surprised (and pleased) was I to find out it was a common flower here in the tropics.  The new candles we’ve added to our home goods collection is a partnership with Bottles Reimagined, a business that takes the bottle trash from the island (we don’t recycle here) and turns them into lovely glasses, carafes, vases, etc and CANDLES!  They have  wonderful scents that mirror the rum flavors of the island but we wanted to create a more delicate and wistful scent for Island Contessa.  Thus, these beautiful candles were born!  Prepared in recycled Prosecco bottles they are filled with Plumeria, Orange and chili pepper and, of course, Gardenia!  The bottles come in amber and brilliant cobalt blue and each candle has a touch of color to enhance the shimmer of the candle in its respective bottle.  This has been a fun collaboration because not only are we partnering to help keep bottles out of our landfill, we are turning it into something beautiful for you to enjoy.  Need something special for that upcoming graduation or just want to treat yourself to an amazing scent?  Snatch up one of these quick!  You won’t be sorry you did!