About Us

Island Contessa is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the laidback look and feel of Island life.  You can follow her on Twitter (Island Contessa), Facebook (The Island Contessa), Instagram (Island Contessa) and Pinterest (Island Contessa).  Founded in 2014 by Lori Hirons, the chic resort wear, available here and at fine boutiques, is meant to reflect the Island way of living that Lori has come to embrace on her home island of St. Croix.  When Lori started Island Contessa, she wanted to create a business that makes women feel good AND look good at the same time.  To that end, she contributes a portion of her profits to domestic violence shelters.  (Read more about this on the Giving Back page.)  Lori is committed to quality and craft, so all of her garments wear the “Made in America” banner proudly.  She also produces only in 100% natural fibers–silk, cotton, hemp and soon, ec0-friendly bamboo.  As Island Contessa grows, look for the launch of home goods (later this year) and follow Lori’s blogs on travel, home interiors and her writing! (Yes, she’s a writer!)  You can find her books on Amazon and in select bookstores.  Island Contessa is a rich, multi-faceted experience and Lori wants you to come along for the ride.  As the tag line goes: