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One of the reasons that I chose the name Island Contessa was because of a woman who had lived on our island who was an actual Countessa.  I thought it was the perfect name because it reflected a good brand name and shown a light on the place I call home.  Today, as I write this, a Category 5 hurri ...
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Designing for you

I'm certain my webmaster is going to kill for this but I can't help it!  I wanted you to see this now.  This is one of the new Island Contessa pieces for the 2017/2018 resort collection.  It is an amazing silk print tunic that feels comfortable and lush against your skin.  I can't wait for you t ...
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Island Beauty Scarf
Island Beauty ScarfI'm a proud American who just happens to live on an island!  It's a US territory but still, an island. Right now my husband and I are traveling in the states so, in addition to seeing family and friends, we're here for our country's birthday.  I packed this lovely little gem, ...
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Summertime and the SHOPPING is easy!

My husband and I try to get back to the states at least once a year for about a month to see friends and family.  We house swap with this lovely couple that have family on our island and they're from our hometown (Kansas City) so it works out well for both of us.  While I'm back, one of my imperat ...
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Island Girl beauty

I love this picture of my beautiful friend, Diana.  She looks so elegant and cool in her Island Contessa wear  But if you look closely, what you'll also see is her bare feet (the only way to go on the beach) and her minimal makeup.  You see, we island ladies, keep ...
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The scents of the islands

There are MANY wonderful things about living on an island but I confess one of my favorites is the lush smell of island flowers.  My mother's favorite flower was the gardenia and how surprised (and pleased) was I to find out it was a common flower here in the tropics.  The new candles we've added ...
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Normally, I use this blog to talk to you about the latest additions to the Island Contessa line or new places you can shop for our brand; but today I want to do something a bit different (although I certainly won't be mad if you buy something  here! :)).  Today I want to give a shout out to all wo ...
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Art and Creating and the Perfect Tunic

This white tunic (the Gwyneth) has consistently been one of my most popular items.  We've tweaked here and there but for the most part, it has had the same general feel.  When I create a piece, I am often inspired, as most designers are, by what is around them; by other creations; by other artists ...
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Spring has sprung!

For most of you, Spring is just springing.  For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to lay on a beach and have this view; well Spring is just the continuation of our beautiful views!  As you begin to come out of hibernation and start thinking about Spring and Summer clothes, I wanted to sh ...
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Fashion February and a Good Cause

Last year, my friend, Joyia and I started something a conversation in a yoga class about wanting to do something new on St. Croix.  With her jewelry and my clothing designs; we invited clients, volunteers and staff of the Women's Coalition to participate in our first ever fashion show.  It was the ...
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