Giving Back

Giving Back

When Lori Hirons started Island Contessa, it came after years of serving on non-profit boards in a variety of areas (close to 60 to be exact).  What she learned, after all of those years of service, is that there are two areas of need close to her heart—animals and women/children.

She learned, through the years, that most abusers pick on the most vulnerable, starting typically with animals and working their way up to family members.  While Island Contessa is a business, it is a business that wants to make a difference.

To that end,  a portion of all of her profits go to domestic violence shelters both on St. Croix and abroad.    We will also, from time to time, have ‘royalty sales’ online where we will identify a worthy center of special attention and donate ALL the profits from that sale to that worthy center. In 2016, in partnership with other business owners, she was part of an annual fashion show to benefit the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix (see the picture).  Although the event did not take place in 2018 because of the ongoing recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, Lori hopes to have it back on track in 2019!

We have other long-term plans for continuing this support that we will roll out after they are fully developed.  We also welcome ideas from you and sharing your stories.  If you are a woman who has survived domestic violence and you want to help other women realize that they are not alone and there is help, we’d love for you to share your story here with our customers.  Please feel free to contact me @

Women helping women is not a new idea but it is certainly a powerful one and one that never grows old.