Island Girl beauty

June 5, 2017 by Lori Hirons - No Comments

I love this picture of my beautiful friend, Diana.  She looks so elegant and cool in her Island Contessa wear  But if you look closely, what you’ll also see is her bare feet (the only way to go on the beach) and her minimal makeup.  You see, we island ladies, keep things simple and classy.  It’s also a bit practical.  Why put on pounds of makeup that you’re only going to sweat off?  Why wear expensive leather shoes that will get ruined by the salt and the humidity?   So we try and do things that make sense while never losing our island style.

I have four basic guidelines that get me through whatever day or event I need.  I use moisturizer liberally (even better with SPF).  I keep my makeup to a minimum–usually powder, mascara and lipstick.  I dress as coolly as possible–pairing items like Diana is wearing to get me through a busy day.  I drink lots of water (ok not as much as I should but I try).  If I’m good at these four items, I end the day almost as fresh as a daisy.  What island tricks have you learned to keep you feeling confident?  Let me know and go grab yourself this outfit that Diana is wearing.  You won’t regret it!

Happy Monday!