Island Contessa

Island Contessa

One of the reasons that I chose the name Island Contessa was because of a woman who had lived on our island who was an actual Countessa.  I thought it was the perfect name because it reflected a good brand name and shown a light on the place I call home.  Today, as I write this, a Category 5 hurricane named Irma, an angry hunk of a storm is barreling her way towards the Caribbean and will be causing untold damage to this region.

So much is written about horrible storms in the US, and I, in no way want to mitigate that; but storms in our region don’t get the coverage that the ones in the states do and this will be no exception.  And that is sad, and wrong.  Wonderful, amazing people live on my little rock as they do on countless other islands.  These are proud people who pull together and help each other out–support everyone as if they are family; because, at least for the future, we are.  So today, I’m not the Island Contessa.  I’m a proud Islander, grateful for the support and love of these people.  Today, I’m just Lori, from St. Croix.

Be safe, my island friends and customers for this too shall pass.


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