Bossy Women

bossy_women“I just love bossy women.  I could be around them all day.  To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all.  It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.”  Amy Poehler, actor

The number of women owned businesses in the US is estimated at 9.4 million and since 1997, an average of 608 net new women-owned business launch every day.  That’s a staggering number.  As I sat in my hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida today working on several Island Contessa business needs, my housekeeper, Paulette from Jamaica and I struck up a conversation.  Being island ladies, we fell into an easy dialogue about life on our respective rocks.  I asked Paulette if she liked Florida and she immediately said, ‘no’.  I asked her if she planned to return to Jamaica and without missing a beat she said, ‘yes’.  Then she launched into great detail about the business she is planning to open when she returns.  It sounded well thought out and best of all, as she was describing it, I could see and hear the passion in her swell.  She is one of many women, I know and I’ve met who have taken the jump into small business.  Is it risky?  Absolutely!  Does it take extra work?  Always.  Does it provide great rewards?  Without question.  I love when women tell me that they love my designs and love what I’m trying to build with this business.  That type of support feeds all of us and as I firmly believe, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.  What feeds your passion?


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