True Friends

See this picture?  You’re going to see a better version of it soon but I wanted to show you this one to show you what perfect women look like.  Well maybe not perfect women but true friends.  Not one of these women are professional models (although they are all pretty enough to be one) and to a person they rock the new designs I have coming out for Island Contessa.  When you live on a tiny island like I do, you are blessed to come in contact with some pretty amazing people and if you play your cards right, you will, undoubtedly gain some friends along the way.  All of these women gave up most of their Saturday to come shoot my clothing line FOR FREE!  Ok, I bought them lunch, but you get the picture.  These women are small business owners, waitresses, bartenders, volunteers and most assuredly busy.  But, they wanted to support their friend, me.  And in return, I get these beautiful women in my designs and a day filled with laughter and joy.  Pretty cool, huh?  How about you?  Are you blessed with great friends?


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