The Hazel for warm and cold weather

The Hazel for warm and cold weather

FullSizeRenderSo here I am in Kansas, having a wonderful time with family and friends.  September in Kansas is different then September in St. Croix.  For starters it is starting to get cooler in the days and nights (note the sweater).  But when we were out to the dinner with friends recently, my girlfriend starting telling me that women couldn’t wear my clothes in Kansas.  WHAT?  I didn’t quite yell it but I was surprised.  She pointed to my hemp palazzo pants and my cold shoulder top and said, ‘it’s getting cold.  People can’t dress like that”.  Rather than pick a fight with my dear friend, I thought I would demonstrate.  In both of these pictures, I am wearing The Hazel (will be available soon for purchase).  This lovely skirt has a bamboo form with a silk overlay and it comes in this French Coral or Ocean Teal.  If you notice, in one picture I am happily holding a glass of wine while the ocean breeze whispers through my hair.  It is tropical and warm.  In the other picture I have paired it with a vintage graphic tee (don’t you just love graphic tees) and an elbow length cotton sweater to accommodate for the fall weather and to give it a more utilitarian look. Same skirt.  Same woman. Two different climates.

Here’s the thing.  Island Contessa IS resort wear and we’ll never produce anything that can be worn in cold weather.  BUT some of the pieces have a great deal of versatility and the key, and this is important here, whether it is my lovely items or someone else’s, don’t limit yourself.  Clothing is a direct expression of you and honestly, truly, you should use it that way.  Disregard your age or geography or what someone tells you won’t work.  If you like it; feel comfortable in it and it makes you happy—-go rock it as only you can.


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