Valentine’s Day and the Color Red

Valentine’s Day and the Color Red

The Rosaleen - Sleeveless Tunic Top

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and like many of you I will be spending it with the one I love and I will be appropriately attired in this lovely frock.  The Rosaleen is truly one of my favorites in this collection and in this deep coral it is flattering to so many women, no matter the skin tone or size.  I have always loved this particular hue and I was curious as to why it is so popular around Valentine’s Day.  There is the obvious reason that Valentine’s Day is about hearts and though, technically, the human heart is not really red, we don’t get hung up on the subtle details on V Day.  Red is also supposed to project power and sexuality and when your loved one is clothed in the color it is supposed to make you more attracted to them.  Finally, and I think this is where I fall, it’s just a beautiful color–full of warmth and vibrancy.  When you’re in the embrace of the one you love and your cheeks fill with a certain glow; wearing that same color just makes sense.  For all the lovers out there; happiest of Valentine’s Days.  Maybe, just maybe, your sweetheart bought you this lovely Island Contessa piece and you can celebrate the holiday in a color most becoming!


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