One in Four–Domestic Violence

One in Four–Domestic Violence

DV photoOne in four.  That’s an important number. If you are a woman and you have three female friends, at least one of you, odds are, will be a victim of domestic violence.  That’s a staggering number in 2016.  Women have come so far in so many ways–education, employment, money and maybe, this year, breaking the ultimate ceiling as a US President.  But in many ways, we’re stuck.  Domestic Violence is still one of those things we don’t talk about in polite company.  It’s relegated to a back corner where no one has to look at it or discuss it.  Consequently its victims–both women and men–suffer in silence.

One of the things I committed to when I started Island Contessa, was my deep desire to help end domestic violence–through advocacy, education and money.  The last one is where you can help in an easy way.  If you like Island Contessa resort wear (and if you’re reading this I assume you do) then go shop.  For the month of October (which also happens to be Domestic Violence awareness month) we will double our contributions to the domestic violence shelter on our home island of St. Croix.  And if you can’t shop, talk about it.  Educate your children, volunteer at a shelter, donate to a shelter, but please, bring it out into the light.  Once a light is shown on it, any problem can be solved, when we work together.


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