The Anna–What started it all

The Anna–What started it all


This picture was taken in 2012 when I was just beginning to think about the possibility of Island Contessa and this was the dress that started it all.  It has gone through many iterations since then and the one that graces the lovely Erin, on the beach, in the green and white chevron, is the current version.  This dress, even from the beginning when it wasn’t quite perfect, has been a show-stopper.  Women love how it makes them feel–special, feminine, comfortable.  It is our twist on the timeless wrap dress.  They are always surprised that it fits and flatters a number of body types; but if you know anything about Island Contessa, you know we want to make every woman feel her best.  As we move into the dog days of summer, this is one dress you want to have in your closet.  Shall we save one for you?


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