Shopping with a Purpose

Shopping with a Purpose

When I started Island Contessa, I wanted to make it a successful business-no question about that.  I had spent most of my professional career in successful businesses but I realized that I also wanted to do more.  I wanted (and still do) to leave the world in a better place than when I arrived.  There are many, many causes close to my heart–animals, youth, education, the arts–but there is one, one that is very personal.  I know women who have been victims of domestic violence.  When you know someone like that, it changes your world and who you are in the world.  The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 women IN THE WORLD is a victim of domestic violence.  That’s a lot of people that you probably know.

So, it was simple for me.  When you purchase a garment, any garment, from Island Contessa, I contribute a portion of my profits to a domestic violence shelter in your area.  My local contributions go to The Women’s Coalition, an amazing organization that has saved many, many lives and families!  The picture you see above is from a fundraiser we did in February for them and the models were representatives from the organization–clients and staff.  It was a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing women.

I often say, I’m not curing cancer with Island Contessa; but I am determined to build a business that makes women feel good about the clothes they’re wearing and where they are shopping.  And really, is that so much to ask of an apparel line?  Where you spend your dollars matters.  Whether you shop with Island Contessa or someplace else, ask about what they do to improve our world.  Because in the end, it only gets better if we all pitch in!


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