I’ve got your back

I’ve got your back

12313525_10208400660602014_5153325081678449827_nI am a very lucky woman.  I have had several careers over the course of my life, which, now, is not so unusual.  I’ve had a chance to stretch my mind and skills at every turn–from Marketing manger to Caterer to consultant to Politician to Banker and now Fashion Designer.   At every turn I have been blessed to have a number of individuals who have supported me in my efforts from family to friends.  The one constant, I have found, is women.  I have an amazing husband and wonderful family; but the constant has been supportive women.  It’s as if we see each other and go, ‘oh yes, I get you’!  Some, I’ve been lucky to have on multiple journeys.  Others have popped in and out.  No matter, I’ve always felt their presence and support.

Island Contessa is a great business that is coming to life and it’s happening because of my vision, yes, but because I have a wonderful tribe always at my back.  I know it. I feel it.  Wherever I go, I know I go there with that support.  We are in the winding days of the crowdfunding campaign.  I am honored and flattered at the support I’ve received.  If you’d still like to be a part of the campaign; I would be SO GRATEFUL!  The link is on the home page of the website and you can find it on the Facebook page as well.  Help put me over the top on this effort and come be a part of my tribe!


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