Girl Crush

5016053_origThere’s a very popular country song called Girl Crush that talks about a woman who has been wronged and how she wishes she could understand what her man sees in her nemesis by kissing her lips, etc.  You get the picture.  In the country music world, it has been somewhat controversial because of its inference.

My girl crush is different.  As I prepare for a big photo shoot, a fashion show, an update of our website and a roll-out of a number of new pieces to my collection; I’ve been reaching out to the amazing women on St. Croix to help me show off these pieces.  To be honest, I’ve had a few turn me down because they didn’t see the beauty in them that I did.  But the women who have said yes, oh you can’t imagine how happy I was at their reaction.  From my tall blond friend who said unequivocally ‘yes’ to my oldest model (at 75 years young and you will NEVER believe that when you see her) who told me I gave her chills.​  I’ve got a few more asks to get but I’m confident that the women who say yes will amaze you.  Why?  Because they’re the coolest island women you will ever meet.  Professional models?  Absolutely not.  Beautiful inside and out?  Oh most certainly yes!  Island Contessa has always been about making beautiful women feel even more beautiful regardless of their age, race, body size, etc.  Living on an island gives you a confident look that you don’t frequently see stateside.  Its why I have a girl crush on all of these women.  I think when you see them; you will too!


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